Training Platform

Save training time.

Ensure a high level of education.

Online Education

We build your hotel's dedicated Online Educational Platform, which will become a steady communication channel with your staff, and provide them with inspiring content that will improve their skills.

Training Material

We create essential Training Material for your Hotel, that will help you educate your staff on the skills they are expected to have according to their position, saving you time and ensuring basic knowledge on important topics.

Personalized Hotel Education Platform

We provide a protected online environment for your hotel with your logo, branding, and a custom URL, through which you can make all the basic training of your staff online, accessing detailed data about their progress and engagement.

Branded Educational Newsletter Template

We create a fully personalized Newsletter Template with your Logo and Brand colors, that includes standard sections with the content you desire (e.g. employee of the month, custom messages, etc), as well as fresh training topics.

Instructor Access for Creating Custom Hotel Courses

A member of your hotel management team will be able to access the suite as an 'Instructor'. This means that you, as a Hotel, will be able to create your own, additional courses, using our platform's features, minimizing the time of new hotel staff training.

Monthly Staff Newsletter

Each month, we will send an educational Newsletter to your staff with your official hotel branding, covering important topics and aiming to boost your hotel's performance (indicative categories: Marketing & Sales, F&B, Housekeeping etc).

Hotel Questions Helpline

Your staff has access to our special helpline for questions or inquires. Most requests are answered within 24 hours.

Staff Segmentation & Mailing Set-Up

We divide your hotel staff into segments according to their department, and then create a personal account for each one in order to let them access your personalized Training Platform. Then, we upload their addresses to a dedicated mailing list for your Hotel for a dynamic communication.

Hotel Introduction Courses

Through your dedicated platform, you will be able to use our special templates to create dedicated courses that will help you introduce your hotel's departments, experiences, and rules to your new team members, making sure that they are all in-line with your mentality and mindset.

Access Hotelier Academy's Ready Courses

Your Staff can access all of our educational content (e.g. articles, training manuals, presentations, videos, and specialized webinars featuring Special Guests from the Hotel Market).

Detailed Statistics

Each month, you will receive a personalized report of your hotel staff's training statistics (time spent on the platform, courses completed, etc), that helps you keep track of each employee's engagement with the educational content.


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