Collaboration Packages for Hotels

Train your Hotel team in new skills, find staff with high-leveled Skills, simplify Training of new employees in your property.


Hotel Team Training in New Skills

The Trainings are performed live through Camera, exclusively for the team of your Hotel. Then they remain Recorded in your account and are available for future employees at the Hotel.


Hotel Staff Hunting

You can post job ads in the special environment of Hotelier Academy but also have access to prepared Job Descriptions. You can also attend the Hotelier Academy Hotel Career Events by organizing live Online Interviews with candidates.


Simplification of Training of Young Employees

We set up all the Trainings of your Hotel in a special environment so as to reduce the time of the initial introduction of new employees but also the continuous training of all the staff.


Enhance your reputation as an Employer

We create articles and content that will effectively promote your Hotel in the Greek and World Tourism Market by strengthening the Employer Brand but your B2B prospects.

Learn more about the Collaboration Packages for Hotels with Hotelier Academy Greece

Are you interested in training your hotel staff? Ask us to share with you how you can activate the annual Membership for Hotels of Hotelier Academy Greece, and give your staff access to all the educational content through the special platform.



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