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Hotelier Academy's Instructors

Nikos S. Morantis

strategy, digital marketing, sales

With comprehensive knowledge in all areas of tourism, Nikos shares his knowledge and expertise with your hotel staff, through articles & targeted videos

Zenios Zeniou

concept, guest experience

Destsetters's Hotel Concept Maker analyzes through specialized courses & content the key points that determine the guest experience of the guests of an accommodation

Magda Peistikou

F&B, hotel restaurant

Specializing in Marketing & Management of Tourism and Food, she shares with us her knowledge on the F&B of accommodation, through original topics.

Alexandra Lavda

seo, advertising, digital marketing

With knowledge of SEO, Digital Marketing and Hotel Advertising, Alexandra shares with us everything we need to know about Hotel Digital Marketing

Paris Slavos

social media, content creation

With years of experience in creating hotel content, Paris shares with us the secrets of a successful content strategy

Ioannis Koufos

food, hotel restaurant

With the specialty of Executive Chef, Ioannis shares with us all the secrets about the cuisine & restaurant of the Hotel.



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